Acetaldehyde - The hangover problem

Most people are surprised to learn that it’s not actually the alcohol that causes hangovers. Well, it is but isn’t - let me explain.

Alcohol breaks down within the liver and the majority happens in a two-step process. This process is "Ethanol Metabolism".

Step 1: Alcohol breaks down into Acetaldehyde.

Step 2: Acetaldehyde breaks down into Acetate (the safe & desired product of the process).



The first step is facilitated by an enzyme known as ‘Alcohol Dehydrogenase’ (or ADH). This enzyme breaks down alcohol into Acetaldehyde.

The second step is facilitated by an enzyme known as ‘Acetaldehyde Dehydrogenase’ (or ALDH). This enzyme breaks down Acetaldehyde into Acetate.

Seems simple, right? It gets a little more in-depth once you start digging deeper.

Between Step 1 & Step 2 is where the issue of hangovers starts to brew.

Acetaldehyde is 15-20x more toxic than alcohol itself. As you drink, these levels begin to build and build.

In a perfect world, this wouldn't be an issue. It's as easy as going through Step 2, right? Well...not quite.

Your body has a finite number of these enzymes available. As you drink, these enzymes struggle to keep up with the building levels of Acetaldehyde. A traffic-jam of toxicity forms.

These heightened levels of Acetaldehyde is a large cause of hangover symptoms.

Side Note: It's important to note that there is more to a hangover than Acetaldehyde buildup. Yet, it's still a big piece of the puzzle.

To decrease levels of acetaldehyde would reduce symptoms of hangovers. Well, how do we deal with this problem?

It's critical to convert as much acetaldehyde into acetate as possible. To do this we need to give these enzymes need some support.

Good Morn has several ingredients that boosts the effectiveness of these enzymes. By boosting your enzymes, it gives you a helping hand in breaking down Acetaldehyde.

Instead of Acetaldehyde building up, it's processed more effectively. This puts less strain on your liver and allows you to wake up feeling better.