Good Morn, Recovery Drink


Avoid a rough morning after drinking

Good Morn is a drink for when you drink. A recovery drink so you wake up feeling like you didn't drink anything at all. It's a friend to your liver. Your cells, your brain.

Good Morn metabolizes hangover-causing agents. It does this by supplementing your body with specific nutrients and vitamins.

Nutrients such as antioxidants, super herbs, amino acids, and adaptogens. They're natural ingredients selected to target the negative effects of alcohol.

Take one with your first drink. Or while drinking. If you have to, right before bed - though it works best when it can work with you throughout the night.

Two-Step How To Use:

Step one: Take Good Morn with your first drink or while drinking.

Step two: Celebrate.

Step three: Wake up feeling refreshed.

Remember... You'll feel more refreshed if you don't drink at all. While Good Morn is designed to help you feel your best - alcohol is still a toxin. Everyone is a bit different. Different metabolisms, and tolerances. On average users feel 50% better with Good Morn than without.

Key Features:

• Helps minimize post-drinking headaches
• Reduce morning nausea
• Assist in liver detox and repair
• Replenish lost vitamins from drinking

The magic in this not-so-magic, but actually scientific recovery drink.

Alcohol is tough. It's far reaching in the effects it has on the body. To fight "rough mornings" we have to cover a lot of ground. We need a range of ingredients, distilled and condensed.

We select our ingredients to supplement everywhere alcohol goes. Take DHM (Japanese Raisin Tree Extract) for example. Like alcohol, it passes through the blood brain barrier. Unlike alcohol, DHM protect your neurons.

In Good Morn is a series of ingredients each with its role. Together, they help you wake up feeling your best.

Customer Reviews

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As great as Good Morn is, alcohol is still a toxin. The best way to wake up refreshed is to simply not drink.

With a good cup of coffee you should be good to go by mid-morning ☕


How it works.

Alcohol is a toxin and metabolizing alcohol creates toxic byproducts. The whole process puts a large amount of strain on the body. The strain comes in many forms.

Inflammation, oxidative stress, GABA receptor health, and B-vitamin levels. These are all agents responsible for your rough mornings.

Good Morn helps break down these stressors on the body, regulate neurotransmitter health, and replenish B-vitamin levels.

Celebrating the moment

Good for Drinking, Good for Mornings.

When good times are ahead, a celebration or a well-deserved night out; we come together to drink. With Good Morn you can celebrate the moment, wake up, and feel your best tomorrow.

Product Safety

R&D focused. FDA Compliant.

To ensure quality of product and safety we’ve built Good Morn as a dietary supplement, made in America. This means we source, mix, manufacture, and seal Good Morn under FDA compliant GMP standards.


What kind of results can I expect to see?

With Good Morn you can recover after drinking by drinking one with your first drink. While not an exact science, you should feel at least 50% better than without. By supporting liver and brain health we help you bounce back for tomorrow. 

Why amino acids and plant extracts?

The amino acids in Good Morn assist your liver's enzymatic activity. Boosting it, powering it up and allowing you to remove the toxins faster. The plant extracts do this as well, and work to naturally your brain's neurotransmitters against any potential toxins.*

Can I take Good Morn on an empty stomach?

Yes, you can take Good Morn on an empty stomach. While a concentrated liquid supplement, it contains plenty of things your body likes, celebrating or not.

What if Good Morn doesn't work for me?

If you're not satisfied, email us at and we'll work with you to refund you.

What happens when you drink?

When you drink alcohol effects your brain's neurotransmitters, breaks down into various sub-components in your liver, and drains your body of vital vitamins and minerals.