The Science of Good Morning

We're on a mission to perfect Good Mornings after drinking.

This is version #1.00

The problem

When you drink

The act of drinking starts up the chain of metabolic processes required to turn alcohol into (harmless) acetic acid.

During this process the body creates endogenous free radicals, resulting in oxidative stress.

Furthermore, drinking causes an inflammatory response, depletes the body's store of vitamins and antioxidants, and over-excites GABA and glutamate neurotransmitters.

These responses are well known in their summation; we would describe this as an acute feeling of discomfort the next day.

How we came to be


We first started investigating this issue 2018 while super-supplementing with glutathione. It's a key animo acid that aids recovery. It is also responsible for oxidizing free radicals created from drinking.

During some field tests we found promising relationship between the two, and decided to explore further.

This time period was also a great one for the science. Many great innovative researchers were publishing information in the subject at this time.

The solution

The hypothesis

Use natural and healthy ingredients such as herbal extracts, amino acids, and select vitamins; then put them together in a mini drink. The goal? Assist in next-day recovery.

These are natural nutrients, each selected with their benefits in relation to targeted causes of rough mornings.

Each ingredient has science backed research on its specific effects that help promote against these targeted causes.

Causes such as inflammation, oxidative stress, GABA receptor health, and B-vitamin levels in the body.

Natural nutrients

Why plants?

We believe that the best nutrients are found in whole foods, from a natural places in the earth. The best supplements you can get are from whole foods, and the best mornings you'll have are from abstaining.

Drinking is inherently a taxing process on the body, and this is where our supplementation comes in. By using concentrated versions of these natural nutrients we can help promote health in respect to celebrations, for more good mornings.

This way, we can enjoy recovery from a drink that doesn't mask the problems, but targets them at their root.

As a note, our current version is version #1. It has some sugar in it, while it does make it taste good, we will be removing this in the next version to move closer to our goal of a natural and healthy recovery drink.

Formulation optimization

Why a drink?

Using a beverage allows for creative optimization opportunities. Drinks are also more fun than pills, though, everyone knows this.

For example, DHM (one of our best ingredients) in its natural state isn’t very water soluble. Insoluble ingredients show lower bioavailability, especially with DHM. Lower bioavailability means it passes through your body and doesn't do anything.

Our suppliers have worked with us to create an encapsulated, micronized version of DHM - with studies showing this increases the water solubility over 10x - thereby improving the bioavailability and effectiveness of DHM in your body.

More bang for your buck. Theoretically it is possible to do this in a pill format as well, but we haven't seen anyone do this. Maybe we will do this down the road, if you're all interested.